Creative Director
Burel Collection for Amorim Wise

“The Burel Cork Wall is an award winning Capsule Collection that combines two of the most traditional Portuguese materials: cork and burel. Mixing cork with colored wool, Burel Cork Wall Capsule Collection presents a unique collection that preserves the century-old traditions of Portuguese manufacturing.”

The Burel Cork Wall product is a R&D project, where we were responsible for the concept and development of a collection of colorful patterns for a cork wall covering product. Due to its low absorptivity, together with Amorim’s team, we tested and researched adding other materials to achieve new and colorful textures. To follow a circular and eco-responsible design direction, we contacted Burel Mountain Originals to use their off cut wool bits to incorporate into the cork blocks production. After fine tuning the process with their I&D team,  the biggest challenge was choosing from their amazing color palette.  

Born from a collaborative system of circular production, the wastes from both industries are used to create an innovative product, a wall covering solution that will transform any space in a welcoming environment.

Project from VICARA Studio made with the collaboration of João Xará and Andre Teoman.