Creative Director
Desajeitado Glass for  Quinta Várzea da Pedra

When Tomás Emídio, a fellow designer, asked us to design a glass for a special wine named Desajeitado [clumsy] from Quinta Várzea da Pedra, we immediately thought we would first have to taste this specialty and learn more about its history. Its clumsy way of being born combined with the stone that gives the farm its name, gave rise to an experimentally produced glass that gives a special shape to the liquid. Produced in hand blown glass, using a mold of a stone from the farm, as well as a steel tube, each glass is unique and is only sold together with the bottle.

Our work for Quinta Várzea da Pedra is an experimental and low cost approach to glass production. We used our experience in small series production to make several experiments focusing on the use of stone to create texture in glass. For this, we turned to our community and collaborated with other companies in the region.

Project from VICARA Studio made with the collaboration of glass blower Cláudio Duarte.