Glass Cares for Off Portugal 

The exhibition Glass Cares showcased ten glass pieces developed during a two day workshop residency in Marinha Grande, a region known for its glass blowing tradition. The event brought together the process, curiosity, and desire to experiment of the young designers with the artistry and established know-how of the local craftsmen. Glass Cares was developed by a network of people interested in the field, representing a new wave of glass design. It was a joint initiative of Arquivo 237, Vicara, and Cencal, where I was responsible for curating and production and designed and presented two Half White pieces.  

An initiative of the ‘off portugal’ project — whose aim is to support young portuguese designers — ‘glass cares’ was a showcase of ten experimental glass pieces made by ten independent designers. The collection was showcased at Milan Design Week and London Craft Week in 2017.

Designers: Diana Medina, Eneida Tavares, Luis Nascimento, studio ojoaoeamaria, Jorge Carreira, Samuel Reis, Vitor Agostinho, Manuel Amaral Netto, Joana Silva and Paulo Sellmayer.
Glass blowers: Arlindo Francisco, Cláudio Garéu
Identity: Studio ahha
Video: Hugo Figueiredo