Production process and performance optimization
through modular design

As a demand from a plastic injection moulding company,
Plastimago, a series of products made with a rubber
and resin composite were developed at the
CDRSP - IPLeiria.

In collaboration with designer Ana Prates and
Plastimago we developed this bollard, which aims
to optimize production processes and allow
different uses through a modular design.

The module simplifies production, since it needs
only a smaller mould an it speeds up
the process, while allowing the end user to
customize the bollard to their needed height.

The rings are photo luminescent and the top
cover can be customized.

This project was done in collaboration with
CDRSP- IPLeiria colleague Ana Prates.

1st Prize on the INOV 2014 competition

Material: Recycled Rubber composite
Size: variable / Module 12,5 cm x 10 Diameter