Creative Direction and branding.

Tasco is one of portuguese words for traditional place to eat and drink, mostly where man would gather after a work journey or simply to have lunch at the counter. 

Tasco Tableware was a terracotta brand in which the vernacular and traditional pottery mixed with the gastronomic and popular culture by combining designs from contemporary designers with the making by master potters. Its products 

More than a product brand I envisioned a kind of ambience, a vibe, where we could desconstruct institucionalized notions and contribute to a more healthy but also traditional rooted product collection. 
From 2019 to 2023 it was edited by VICARA. 

Products by Malga Ceramic, Luís Nascimento, Halfstudio, Hugo Graça, Monica Santos Studio, Rui Pereira, me, Brunno Jahara, Mariana Miserável and Mantraste

Logo by José Costa Torres
Catalogue by Tânia Lopes Martins
Poster designs by Halfstudio, José Costa Torres and Black Unicorns. 

Photos by Tiago Gomes, Diogo Alves, Anita Gonçalves and Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues.