Terrazzo Collection for Amorim Wise

Inspired both from the traditional Italian terrazzo’s marble pattern, along with the famous Portuguese marble cake, the Amorim Wise Terrazzo Capsule collection recreates that crafty feeling in an entirely recycled cork flooring.
In the first meeting, to present proposals for a new flooring pattern, to all departments and management of Amorim Cork Flooring, we presented images of marble cake, chocolate salami and cookie cake, along with some moodboards of italian terrazzos.

In a synesthetic creative process, we related sensibilities with hues and, with the collaboration of Amorim’s resident designer Ana Fernandes, arrived at the final palette. The collection is made of 8 different and versatile designs, from the greenish Element Mint to the orange Twist Terracotta. A collection that brings together a sweet tooth universe, the sense of Italian tradition, and the warm feeling of cork.  

Project from VICARA Studio made with the collaboration of João Xará, Fábio Afonso and Francisca Branco