From 2015 to 2023 my job was full time VICARA.

I envisioned a structure for the promotion and production of projects by emerging designers, sharing a vision of diversity on a heterogeneous catalog with a pluridimensional take on objects and their place on our world. This company had many phases and over the year we worked and collaborated with many many companies, designers, crafstpeople, communication agents, and stores. I am grateful for the time and life I spent working towards a common goal. 

I collaborated and worked with many many people, namely Imke Hoefer, Mariana Francisco, Pauline Barbier, Magdalena Kurzikowska, Jorge Carreira, Bruno Santos, João Marcão, Eneida Tavares, João Xará, Tânia Martins, Maria von Haffe, Nathalia Rezende, Kevin Claro e Miguel Xavier. 

Its last description read like this in 2023: 

“ VICARA Studio is a creative agency that develops original initiatives and socially conscious solutions in the area of product design. Bringing together designers, artisans and industry, VICARA takes a hands-on approach in creating a sustainable and interconnected design ecosystem. The agency is also the owner of two product design brands: the homonymous brand, which presents a catalog of exclusive pieces produced in ceramics, glass, wood, or weaving techniques, and which has national design and production as its common thread; and Tasco, a red clay tableware brand, inspired by the vernacular of Portuguese handmade ceramics and its gastronomic culture.”